Braid mermaid hairstyle for the weekend

коса русалкиSometimes on the weekend you are a bit lazy, including in terms of creating hairstyles. Bundles, pony tails basically your main options for hairstyles. You are looking for new, easy and fun ways to style your hair for the weekend? Meet your new hairstyle mermaid braid.

It is called so, because it is wide and flat, like a mermaid tail. There are as many variations of KOs in this style, many fish in the sea. Regardless of how you decide to style it, the General technique is the same: a very fine French braid comprising thin strands of hair in netting, descending down the back or over one shoulder.

Although mermaid braid may appear complicated, it is actually very simple: all you need is a simple guide and a little practice. If you have mastered the technique of weaving French braids, then you will have no problems with slash Ariel. A popular way of wearing this hairstyle was mastered Blake lively: slightly unkempt and perfect for brunch on the weekend.

As a French braid, it is not recommended to do in front of the mirror, when you are just starting to learn. Mirrors can confuse you, when you learn a new technique of weaving.


How to make a mermaid braid

  • Transfer most of your hair to one side, moving all the hair to the “heavy” side of the head (the side that has the greatest number of relatively long hair natural hair parting).
  • Separate five-centimeter strand of hair on the heavy side towards the back of the head.
  • Divide this strand into three equal parts.
  • Cross your lateral strand over the center strand, then the other side strand over the Central. This is very similar to how you weave a normal braid.
  • We’ll cross the back strand back over the Central, this time add another narrow part of the hair from the nape of the neck (below the place where the braid started) in the strand, which you crossed.
  • We’ll cross the front strand over the rear strand, now adding another narrow section of hair just before a scythe.
  • Continue to repeat these steps, pulling small strands of hair and adding them to the braid until the braid reaches the end of the hair.
  • Secure the braid with a rubber band. Now you are ready to captivate the most beautiful young men.

Now that you have mastered the technique of weaving braids, do it yourself. Take a thin strip, try to make braid “fishtail” – there is no limit to the variety of style. Go forth and enjoy the weekend.

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