Body care

Body careDid you know that the skin – the largest organ of the human being? Yes, yes, that body – she also has the functions and life cycles. And, unfortunately, in contrast to the internal organs, it is very poorly protected. At any time, it is subject to various tests – heat, cold, wind, moisture, tight and breathable clothing. That is why it is important to care for the skin of the body, not the individual sections, as is often done by women. The most common “site of care” for women – face hands and feet. But the neck and decollete show your age, even if the face skin in perfect condition. Therefore, below we present the complex tips for skin care of the body.

1. Steam treatment – bath or sauna.

The entire Internet is full of articles about the incredible variety of applications and benefits of these procedures. They speed up the metabolism, open and clean pores, detoxifies, improves circulation, helps in general relaxation of muscles, incredibly helpful in the fight against excess weight and cellulite. If you do not have contraindications to the cardiologist – a bath or sauna can go almost every day, but the best one every 7 days. More will not delve into this topic, it is worthy of a separate article.

2. Cosmetics for a shower.
At this point, they say ka, “panacea” not the same for all. From life experience can only recommend, if you have oily skin – use a good soap for the entire body (just a nice, normal hand soap will desiccate the skin, depriving it of the protective layer), and if dry – shower gels. Most comfortable in my opinion sponges are round “mesh.”

3. Douche.
It’s no secret that the hot water pores open, and the cold – close. Therefore douche very useful. You buy, to steam, the pores open, you clean the skin of impurities. Finally make the cold water (of course within reason, will not get sick very useful :)) – closed pores, preventing contamination.

4. Means for care of body after bathing.
Lotion, body lotion – required a tool that you need to care for the body. The fact that, after bathing the skin is not protected in any way (because you have thoroughly washed the adhesive layer). So you need to gentle movements to rub one of these funds into the skin more thoroughly massaging elbow and knee joints – there is the dry skin.

5. Body oil.
You must pay attention that all the means to care for baby’s skin are based on different oils? And for good reason. Oils help skin restore the required level of moisture, and keep it. They come in dry and liquid form. Dry oils do not leave marks on your clothes, so most women stop their choice on them.

6. Natural underwear.
It is important to wear a natural linen. After all, it is in constant contact with the most delicate areas of the skin by wearing synthetic underwear, it can lead to irritation, itching, and even allergic reactions. In addition synthetic underwear affects heat exchange and does not transmit oxygen.

7. Cotton clothing.
This should not even be sure cotton, the main thing – natural. You can do a small test. Put on a jacket made of artificial material, and do about 5 minutes active exercise. Evaluate the condition. After half an hour, perform all the same, only in a jacket made of natural fabrics. You will immediately feel the difference – you will be much easier to deal with.

8. Walking in the fresh air.
Well here it is all quite obvious. Fresh air fills body cells with oxygen, sunbathing nourishes skin with vitamin D. Walk on a sunny day – the perfect recipe for raising the general tone.

9. Massage.
Massage accelerates the blood, forcing it to move actively. As a result – your internal organs receive more oxygen.
Massage can be done in the salon, you can call the master at home. On the Internet there are many videos that make your family can learn a few simple techniques of massage, and make it your own.

10. Exercise.

Hundreds of articles and publications that millions of fitness centers around the world. Bring invaluable exercise. They help people recover from difficult injuries, get rid of excess weight, attain the desired relief.

The main thing – to start. You like to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, irresistible!

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