Bob oblique bangs: what’s new classics

каре с косой челкойBob oblique bangs haircut is so multifaceted that it is impossible to imagine that she is someone may not be suitable. No matter what you face, how large or small eyes, chiselled cheekbones and rosy cheeks. You can pick up caret long or short, smooth or graded, straight or asymmetrical, side-swept bangs, which also is not a single style that will help you to complement the image. Bob Bob oblique bangs is more than just a haircut, this is the Foundation that will open up many opportunities for experimentation with your body image.


Short Bob

короткое каре с косой челкойShort Bob oblique bangs only vaguely reminiscent of a retro image of haircuts Bob, who took the first step in the history of fashion in the 20-30-ies of the last century. He may be the same length to ear, smooth shapes and a natural Shine is enhanced with dark hair, but it changes a simple little thing – bangs. Straight bangs caret becomes demanding to the shape and facial features, whereas oblique bangs transform hairstyle, makes it suitable for wearing not those who go in awe of the cinematic canons beauties a little movie.

Short Bob with oblique bangs suitable for women with almost any face shape and hair type. Thin hair fit well and obediently lie in this hairstyle, and you can’t focus on the lack of their volume, because even with a smooth hairstyle, you will look well-groomed.

If you have narrow long face, you can curl your hair in vertical loose curls, create volume, and slash bangs to keep straight and cross over her forehead – she visually take away from the face of the length, which creates imbalance. If short Bob oblique bangs blow-dry tips inside, get a beautiful modern variation haircuts page.


Direct classic quads

прямое классическое каре с косой челкойDirect caret is recommended to wear girls with oval, faces with broad cheekbones, the shape close to a square. Straight clear lines caret create an image of lady who prefers low-key style, but knows the value of individuality. Its distinguishing feature can be side-swept bangs, long, reaching to the chin or shorter, up to the cheekbone or higher.

Inclined Bang with straight distinct caret length from the chin to the shoulders, can take different forms, remain the same as smooth and clear as the rest of the hair, and graduated, ragged, asymmetrical. With this haircut bangs becomes “highlight” style, which you can put all the responsibility for it. Want to get romantic style styling? Lay oblique bangs soft rounded large waves, this haircut blends well with a sleek clear Kara.

If your goal is more than a youth style, loose casual clothes and the hair, then wear a forward asymmetrical bangs, thinned, with strands of nonuniform length, releasing it forward. To put such a Bang, you need to pull it flat iron, pre-treating means for termoukladki. And don’t forget to highlight the tips, the irregularity of which will be the focus of the hairstyle.


Graduated caret

градуированное каре с косой челкойGraduated Bob oblique bangs looks balanced, and this hairstyle is perfect for women with thin hair and round face. The main advantage of the graduated Bob oblique bangs of any length is the ability to create extra volume hairstyle that will last longer and with greater confidence than is possible on the base of the haircut with a straight contour.

Stylish quads with a torn oblique bangs should be performed by a professional to hair after the haircut was not thin and not flogged, as often unfortunately happens when the wrong technique and approach to problem the hair structure. If you suffer from lifeless looking hair, you are strongly advised to combine graduated caret oblique bangs and hair dyed, thin strands. You can be both a blonde and a brunette, and a redhead, as long as your hair combined 3-6 natural tones that will enliven your haircut and make it naturally surround on a visual level.


Asymmetrical Bob

асимметричное каре с косой челкойAsymmetrical Bob with braid bangs on one side may remind the emo style, but if you are far from the image of a teenager, discard any variations on this theme. Asymmetrical Bob in combination with the same bangs, which is directed in the direction of greater hair volume, can be elegant, and it should not be all torn and disheveled.

Just look at photos of famous people who from time to time wear a haircut, to ensure that asymmetric Bob with braid bangs – it’s like a second wind for the usual simple straight haircut caret to the chin with a distinct ability to draw attention to themselves, and to correct the existing deficiencies of the face.

Asymmetrical Bob oblique bangs makes a wide cheekbones less pronounced, visually diminishes the elongation of the face, especially coupled with twisted vertical curls.

When asymmetrical Bob bangs better to pull a plate, pointing in one direction. If you do curls, twist the bangs in the direction of her forehead.

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