Bangs on long hair: sea of opportunities

semi-circular Bang along the contour of the face.
  • Very thick bangs long caret complements and adds you extra glamour.
  • Hairstyle with short and slightly arched bangs make facial features more harmonious.
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    With a retro touch

    • Long and straight haircut with bangs just below the eyebrows resembles the image of the 60s.
    • Haircut in the form of a cascade along the whole length. Bangs retains its dense look, the haircut adds volume and density.
    • If you want to give your long hair a bit of spice, it is recommended to make the straight and slightly thinned bangs to her eyebrows. This will soften the overall look and emphasize your eyes.
    • Haircut in retro style with thinning hair on top to always be elegant and soft.
    • A haircut with long and thick bangs to smooth hair resembles the style of 70-ies.


    To emphasize the dignity

    • Will look elegant hairstyle with straight and slightly thinned bangs, which perfectly accentuate your look.
    • Very thick and long bangs just below the eyebrows emphasises the eyes.
    • If you have long hair you can try short bangs to mid-forehead, which will emphasize the geometric shape of the hairstyle.
    • If you are afraid that bangs would look too strictly, can do a little tapering on the sides.
    • With long bangs in front of you opens many possibilities. Styling change daily: today on the left side, tomorrow, right, stick up.
    • If you believe that is too thick bangs can make the face look dull, then you’re wrong. Slightly thinned ends fall elegantly on the forehead and give the bangs lightness.



    • Short flat bangs with no volume will long hold a form within three weeks.
    • The style of 60th back in Vogue. Convex just below the eyebrow bangs, is divided into two parts opens only a small area of the forehead.
    • Mini bangs – option for those who do not want to cut bangs every three weeks. It will grow back within two months.
    • If you have unruly hair, for smooth styling you can make a separate shapeless locks.
    • Currently perfectly aligned bangs in the past. Easily can afford a few stray strands.

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