Bangs on curly hair: the taming curls

челка на вьющихся волосахBangs on curly hair – eternal problem for those whom nature has endowed with waves or curls. All women want to change, and the fringe provides an excellent opportunity to do so without unnecessary casualties and nerves. But with curly hair is very difficult to keep the bangs in the state, which is able to give her master in the cabin. Self-care of such bangs can be disappointing, which can be avoided if you know how to maintain hairstyles with such initial data.


Hairstyles with bangs for curly hair

In reality from bangs with curly hair troubles not as much as it seems at first glance. No one argues that the bangs and the total mass of hair must be in one texture, not to mention hue. Straight bangs with curly long hair is not innovation, on the contrary. Many women continue to use the reception stylists who a few years ago thanks to their celebrity clients approved fashion of straight hair with curled in ringlets hair.

If you have wavy or slightly curly hair, always use the in your face type and hair that you wear in everyday life. Possibly the structure of your hair is that they are all stronger towards the end, and not the entire length, with bangs to combine this image is not the problem. In any case, you need to stock up styling tools for straightening hair – straightener with ceramic cloths and cosmetics with smoothing effect will not be superfluous.


Spit-crown with fringe

Braids are incredibly popular for long hair, and wearing them, decorated around the head, collecting the whole mass of hair around the facial contour, and releasing the bangs. If your hair is curly and unruly, besides long enough, you can weave braids around the head, releasing a thick disheveled bangs.

First you will need to braid a plait that feels best with curly hair free and relaxed, and then do the bangs. When such data bangs better to leave rather thick, slightly profiled, you can do is asymmetric, which is perfect for owners of all parties. Images with braids for curly hair look feminine and romantic, so the excessive smoothness of the bangs is useless. Dry the bangs with a round brushing, directing on one side of his face. If you want to get a smooth bangs, go over it with a flat iron and smooth locking pasta with glitter.


Long Bob cart with messy bangs

This is one of the options of how you can easily and easy to wear comfortable and fashionable haircut with bangs with curly hair. The original condition of the hair is comfortable and not too elastic wave, but if curls are very tight, this hairstyle is not suitable. This hairstyle is well suited to girls with dark hair in shades of natural chestnut, because this haircut with bangs is most in harmony with the way known as French chic.

Hair after washing, you need to dry it with a Hairdryer, previously causing the tool, gently smoothing the hair, preventing tangling and pusenje hair. Hair should not be perfectly straight after drying, should be pretty easy vertical wave. Such hair is great and thick straight bangs up eyebrows, slightly thinned and air. Before output can be lightly put, avoiding ironed smooth, and a little sprinkle varnish from a great distance.


Straight bangs with long curly hair

If you save your curly hair long and I’m afraid to cut off the bangs, because it is formless, then your fears are understandable, however, to avoid unwanted consequences for hairstyles. You can wear straight bangs with curly long hair, if you take care of them straightening in the crown area.

For some girls this hairstyle and no styling is not problematic, as the hair begins to cool to scroll around mid length, whereas basal area is absolutely straight. But not everyone is so lucky, and others have to worry about the balanced line straight hair and waves independently.

After washing hair, dry it with a Hairdryer, treating basal area light foam. Pull the hair with your fingers, if possible (if the hair doesn’t tangle and not very long) use the brushing. Your task is to pull the root area of the hair, leaving a lot from the middle to the ends. Bangs, short straight or elongated asymmetrical, without problems fit into this hairstyle.

Be careful – this hairstyle is not suitable for girls with type faces, in which the lower part is wider than the top. If this is your case, make sure the haircut layers on long hair, in which the crown will remain mobile, as bangs that don’t need much to pull and can be left slightly wavy.

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