Baby shampoos: care and protection for the whole family

детские шампуниAlmost all kids like to swim, especially in a scented bath with lush foam. Spoil this process, it seems, can not do anything. Is that the wrong shampoo that hurts your eyes or cause allergies. Baby shampoos filled the shelves of the stores, their choice on the market today is so wide, that any parent confused. But it is important to be able to choose what fits your child, won’t hurt him, and will bring only positive emotions to care about cleanliness and health.

The term «children shampoo» is too generic and not quite definitions, that is fraught with danger when matching funds for a child of any age. Because it can be designed for an infant, and child of school age. And the difference in the requirements of both the shampoo is enormous. It should be borne in mind moms and dads who buy products for their children, focusing on advertising. When buying baby shampoo need to carefully read the label to clarify the chemical composition, the acidity level and, more importantly, for what age he is.

Tips and warnings

If there is no indication of the age, be careful – this shampoo is not recommended until three years. But in General, try to refrain from such dubious purchases with unknown consequences. Look for products respectable brands that have proven themselves on the market of children’s cosmetics and have no gripes about the quality.

Many mothers do not give rest to the question: from what age a child can wash your hair with shampoo? Many experts give specific figures, but often have to look on the situation. There are kids who are born with abundant hair cover on the head, and they need to wash the hair occurs earlier. Other children can wait with regular application of this cosmetic. But in any age shampoo should be adapted to the child.

In the first months of life, the child is very prone to allergic reactions, his skin, including on his head, still not protected hydrolipidic film, it means that, cosmetics should be used with caution. Even if you bought a gentle baby shampoo, you should not use them often, limit swimming with the shampoo to two times a week. Otherwise you can damage the delicate skin of the baby, causing its irritation.

Newborns can use such means, but need to wash my hair gently, applying gentle shampoo with neutral level of acidity and correct chemical composition. The older a child becomes, the more free to become parents when choosing a shampoo.

If in the children’s shampoo contains sodium sulfate, dioxane, formaldehyde, leave it on the shelf. This is carcinogenic substances which are capable of long-term use, accumulate in the tissues and have toxic effects.

Buying baby shampoo

детские шампуниFor anybody not a secret, that all children are sensitive to smells, they may like sweet aromas and interesting color cosmetics. But parents should be adamant – children’s shampoos unacceptable aggressive colors and fragrances. The naturalness of composition, of course, also should pay attention to. High quality shampoos for children contain preservatives natural and not synthetic origin. This can be Phenoxyethanol, vitamins A and E, useful for the skin, herbal extracts. But don’t get carried away here: natural plant substances can also be quite aggressive for the delicate skin and mucous child, so it is better to avoid shampoos with a sharp odor, even if it is of organic origin.

Never buy a baby shampoo in stores of household chemistry, spontaneous retail outlets in supermarkets. Think about the health of her baby and always buy a cosmetic products in specialized departments.

Despite the widest assortment, recognition in the field of production of children’s shampoos won the German manufacturers. Also on the market you can find a large selection of American, Japanese, Russian brands. Among them are: famous lines of JOHNSON’S® Baby, Nivea Baby, baby shampoo brands Sanosan, Bubchen, Bobini, Wakodo, Pigeon. These shampoos are not burn the eyes, form a soft fragrant foam, some can be applied universally for body skin and hair.

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