Asymmetrical bangs: violation stylish rules

ассиметричная челкаAsymmetrical bangs in fashion for a long time and to leave the fashion Olympus is not going to. This side allows you to experiment with the way, trying different styles, varying depending on the mood, without being tied down to a single image. In addition, this bangs allows you to adjust the face, as his fullness or thinness, and its features. Under any hairstyle you can choose a beautiful bangs, refusing smooth lines, but without falling into a riot with ragged ends and thinning of the hair structure.


Clear diagonal bangs

Diagonal bangs, which descends straight line from one temple across the forehead to the other side of the face is the most daring option for those who want to experience all the power asymmetry in the hair. This bangs is particularly advantageous to look at completely straight dark hair in a single shade. Looks perfect this bangs for thick hair, which can give Shine and fix the bangs in one position.

Diagonal bangs with straight edge is highlighted with a sharp tip, which can be a good stylistic addition asymmetrical rack with raised back, but Bob is not only suitable for her hairstyle.

Choosing a diagonal straight bangs, try to stick to cutting with a smooth even line in the upper zone, avoiding vystrogana the top with a sharp ragged ends. Similar to the style desired smooth flowing lines, otherwise the diagonal recession bangs will not look so impressive.

Very good choice of hairstyle for this Bang will be cut with a small cascade on the hair of medium length. Hair of the face, starting from the area of the chin and going down to the bottom, you can slightly tweak the inside, but not too zealously, without visibility study.


Diagonal milled bangs

Trimming makes the bangs more casual and mobile, so any hairstyle with her looks such. This is one of the most common options for any type of face and hair. If the hair is too thick and difficult installation, the bangs better to thin out, if they are thin, asymmetrical diagonal bangs will need a small study of scissors for subsequent giving it volume.

Diagonal ragged bangs can be worn with both short hairand long hair, as straight and untouched filirovki and hair with the selected layers.

Important moment for such a Bang – correct solution color hairstyles. If you have thin hair, refrain from the flat uniformity, try highlights. Asymmetrical bangs with a small filirovki and strands of different colors gives the image dynamics, and hair look alive.

Asymmetric milled bangs is great for women with round faces. They can be both straight hair and cascade – bangs in any case will distract attention from the roundness and will make the image more fresh and modern.


Short asymmetrical bangs

Short asymmetrical bangs are bangs, much of which lies in the forehead and did not come down too low. This bangs can also be considered as a universal solution for a huge number of haircuts and face types.

Short bangs with a small filirovki and diagonal slope is well suited even girls with very short pixie haircuts due to the newfound popularity of the punk style. This side fits the image of a classic Bob caret in length approximately to the chin or just below. If straight bangs in this hairstyle will suit women with narrow long faces, visually “cutting” them, short asymmetrical bangs, on the contrary, visually lengthen the face. This makes it the ideal companion women with wide individuals.

Do not make short asymmetrical bangs in two cases. If the hair weave and difficult to extrude, such bangs will not look good. If your hair is thin and prone to fat, short thinned asymmetrical bangs are also undesirable due to rapid clogging and loss marketable”.


Long free asymmetrical bangs

This is the simplest and does not require special care bangs, which is easy to enter in the images with long feminine hair. Long asymmetrical bangs can be considered as the most safe option for women who would like to refresh the image, but without radical haircuts.

Long asymmetrical bangs is suitable for elongated rack and cascading hairstyles for straight hair, preferably with a well defined color with depth and tonal transitions. If desired, this bangs can be combined with short straight or asymmetrical, but covering the forehead. In this case, the hair will look interesting and multi-layered, especially when using several shades of hair dye.

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