Anyone go fringe: the alphabet and the calendar beauty

кому идут челкиBangs is a short strand of hair on the front part of the head. The length of the bangs can be different. Who are the bangs? To find the correct length, you need to consider your own style.


The variety of bangs

Long bangs are perfect for the Bohemian style, shorter for the retro style. Bangs can be of any geometrical shape: straight, rounded, smoothly contoured, asymmetrical, torn and so on. In any case, the bangs – these the sign of a personal style.

Bangs can be of different thickness: a full, thick, or conversely thinned. The shape of the bangs is determined in accordance with the haircut and the character of the man himself (some prefer pronounced bangs, others less noticeable).


Bangs and face shape

Everyone knows that for each face shape its a good Bang:

  • The oval shape allowed everything. This is the ideal face shape, which fit any shapes of bangs: thick or thin, straight or sideways, long or short.
  • For square face shapes suitable long and rounded bangs.
  • For elongated or triangular is the best option long bangs.
  • With a round face shape it is better to stay for a short or thinned-out bangs.
  • If you have a small forehead will look good bangs on the side.


Bang and hair type

Bangs are the perfect option for straight hair. With curly hair should be careful. The bangs must constantly be aligned using a flat iron or hair dryer. Thin hair with bangs will constantly break up into strands. If you still want to wear bangs, it is better to make it thick and short.


The effect of bangs

We must remember, bangs can hide and emphasize physical disabilities. The fringe makes the look more expressive, hides a large forehead and visibly reduces signs of fatigue, wrinkles, minor acne. At the same time, bangs emphasizes cheekbones, a large nose and double chin.


Care for the bangs

The bangs and hair in General requires care. Every morning should be given at least five minutes to bring it into view. It is better to use smoothing spray with thermal protection, hair-dryer or straighteners. To the bangs longer held the form, you can use hairspray. Spray a little hairspray on a comb and lightly swipe the bangs. When wet weather curly or wavy hair to lose its shape. In this case, it is recommended to buy a mini hair straightener that you can carry in your purse. If you budget allows, do straighten your bangs.


Self haircut bangs

Many believe that to cut bangs at home. However, all hair stylists unanimously say that this requires professional skills and taking into account certain parameters. Therefore, it is better not to experiment on your own, or bangs may be too short. This is especially true of curly hair. If you do decide to cut bangs by yourself, you need to do it on dry hair. This can be done in two ways:

  • Visually draw a triangle on the outer corner of the eye and cut the hair in a vertical direction from below upward, dividing them into strands.
  • The technique of “step”. Tie long hair back using Bobby pins. Short you can pin your hair. Determine the desired thickness and width ¾ bangs from eyebrow. Press the hair together and cut strand by strand along the line of the eyebrows. Scissors should be kept in a vertical position.

Trim bangs also can be at home, in order to maintain a correct and clear line. This should be done every week. If the hair is straight, do this on damp hair, adding to the length of one centimeter. Wavy hair is better to cut dry. Despite your ability, once a month you should consult a professional hairdresser which will help to maintain the correct shape and length bangs.


Do you need bangs

If you regret that ventured on this step, the bangs can hide a band or to brush the back until the hair grows back. Before you venture on this step, it is recommended to answer four main questions:

  • Have you had bangs before? The question may seem silly, but if you don’t like wearing bangs, it is better not to do it now.
  • What is your hair and how often you wash them? Worst of all, when hair very quickly become greasy and have to wash them often. Sometimes even dry shampoo doesn’t save and has a strange effect on the bangs (she sticks out in different directions, or conversely, becoming completely flat).
  • Do you have protruding strands of hair on the contour of the face? Beautiful bangs for such locks should not be. How is this determined? Tilt your head forward, then fold them back. Slightly shake his head. If the hair remains in the back, strands of no. If there is a parting, this is the same lock, which will prevent to make a beautiful bangs. In this case, you can do side bangs, which requires daily styling.
  • What month: may, June, July or September? If the answer is Yes, wait on the bangs. These are the four hottest months of the year. In other words, you sweat, and the bangs will stick to your forehead. It is better to make a Bang in October or November.


Calendar of beauty

The so-called “calendar of beauty”, how to properly care for bangs on curly hair:

  • November: trim the bangs;
  • December, January, February, March: from time to time adjust the shape and length of bangs;
  • April: let the fringe grows.

In the winter time contact with the water is limited, so hair can better maintain the styling. Summer, sea, swimming pool and heat quite difficult daily struggle with flourishes and curls.

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