Activator hair growth – external stimulation

активатор роста волосWomen and men, which grow very slowly or begin to fall out hair, hairdresser or doctor can advise activator hair growth. What is it? In fact, it is any tool that can stimulate hair growth.

The activators used for care for healthy hair – just to accelerate their growth (they can be necessary, for example, that wants to grow faster hair its natural color), and in order to improve the weakened hair follicles in people suffering from alopecia. Often used natural activators of hair growth.


Jojoba oil

активатор роста волосChemical composition and other characteristics of jojoba oil is similar to sebum, which is produced in the sebaceous glands on the scalp. As sebum, it moisturizes and protects the hair and skin, prevents damage to the hair and improves its texture. In addition, it significantly accelerates the growth of hair. This jojoba oil is almost never causes allergic reaction, so it can be used even by people with very sensitive skin.

Apply jojoba oil on the scalp for thirty to sixty minutes before you have to wash your hair. Within a five minutes massage in the head – this will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Then wash your hair with shampoo and warm water, as usual.


Aloe gel and coconut milk

Both of these tools perfectly stimulate hair growth, but at the same time help to get rid of dandruff and improve the condition of the scalp. Mix roughly equal amounts of aloe Vera gel and coconut water, apply the mixture on the scalp and leave for half an hour. After that, wash your head with a soft shampoo.


Essential oil of peppermint

активатор роста волосEssential peppermint oil contains substances that can easily penetrate into the hair follicles and accelerate hair growth. However, the use of this oil in its pure form cannot – it can cause skin irritation. Mix three or four drops of essential peppermint oil with one tablespoon of olive oil and massage gently apply this mixture on the scalp. Keep the oil on the skin for at least half an hour and then rinse it off with shampoo and warm water.


Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil contains substances that have antibacterial action and is often used to treat skin infections. Its ability to stimulate hair growth is not known so widely. You can use as an activator of hair growth lavender essential oil mixed with olive or almond oil, or cook lavender oil yourself. To do this, put in a glass container with a tight lid a few sprigs of lavender, and fill them with a little olive oil cold pressed. Close the lid and keep the oil in a dark, cool place for three or four weeks. Then strain the oil, and pour into a clean glass jar. Apply on the scalp one or two tablespoons of oil, at least half an hour before washing the head.


Burdock oil

активатор роста волосBurdock oil is a well – known activator of hair growth. It contains phytosterols and fatty acids that deeply nourish the scalp and a beneficial effect on the hair follicles. Burdock can be used to accelerate hair growth and for the treatment of alopecia. Apply it on scalp and leave for at least half an hour, to a maximum of several hours (e.g. overnight and in the morning rinse with warm water and shampoo). The result of the application of burdock oil usually becomes noticeable after two to four weeks.


Castor oil

Castor oil is used to speed up hair growth as well as burdock. It can also be mixed with other vegetable oils, accelerating hair growth, or to add a bit of your favorite essential oils.



активатор роста волосNettle is also a popular hair growth activator, long used in folk medicine. You can use nettle oil, which is sold in pharmacies, or cook it yourself. Buy dried nettle in a pharmacy or, better, put it together yourself far from roads and factories. Fresh or dried nettle pour olive oil (you can also use sunflower or almond oil), tight-fitting lid, and put in a dark, cool place for two to three weeks. Thereafter, the oil should drain, and use it as well as lavender oil or jojoba oil.

In order for your hair to grow faster, also it is recommended that at least three-four times a week to RUB into the scalp cooled decoction of nettles.

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