4 the best of styling products for men: do not be afraid of change

лучшие укладочные средства для мужчинMens hairstyles are constantly changing due to new trends. Haircut tells us a good deal about the man, his style and individuality, and the choice of clothing and footwear. However, before you decide to change your hairstyle, see the top track-laying vehicles for men, that you will need. Each of them forms the different textures for different hair types.


Mousse is perfect for any male grooming, it can create almost any image. Used on wet hair, it will give the hair a wet effect brilliantly. If you apply it to dry hair, he will give hairstyle shape, fix hair and a more natural image. Mousse also provides hair, if they are thin. Application Moussa can be the basis for any stylish hairdress.

  • How to use: apply a small amount of mousse on the palm, the spread on both hands and put on hair, putting them as you like. For maximum fixation dry hair dryer.

лучшие укладочные средства для мужчин Chris Hemsworth

  • The main advantage: mousse allows you to change the hair style during the day, leaving no stickiness.
  • The main disadvantages: high-quality mousse is not cheap, moreover, he may lack the degree of fixation.
  • Celebrities who have hair, perfect for use Moussa: Chris Hemsworth, James Franco and Лэпо Elkann.


Gel is the most effective styling tool that allows to properly fix the look. Gel is suitable for almost any hair – curly, wavy, texture. It can also be used in combination with different techniques of laying.

Gels good quality have a moisturizing and conditioning effect. Make sure the gel, that you use does not contain alcohol, which dries and damage the hair. Cheap gels dry scalp and provoke the appearance of dandruff.

лучшие укладочные средства для мужчин Ed Westwick

  • How to use squeeze on hand gel displacement of the coin, gently RUB in the hands and put on hair, towel dried. Dry hair dryer, if you want to get экстрасильную fixation. If you want to make them look natural, leave them to dry on their own.
  • The main advantage: gels provide very strong hold even in windy weather.
  • The main weaknesses: to change hairstyles during the day will need a lot of gel.
  • Celebrity whose hairstyles are ideal for the application of the gel: ed Вествик, Jon Hamm, brad pitt.

Lipstick hair

Most of lipstick hair combine several actions: mitigation, styling, Shine, giving texture. Lipstick is best suited for short or hair of medium length. Use lipstick for fixing and give hairstyle shape. It also helps to give the hair texture, leaving laying natural. This is a wonderful product that allows you to create stylish mess» on the head.

лучшие укладочные средства для мужчин Alex Pettyfer

  • How to use: apply a small amount on your fingers, then RUB them and apply on hair. Spread evenly everywhere, where the hair needs to give texture.
  • The main advantage: a small number of lipstick.
  • The main drawback: if the tools a lot, hair look greasy and untidy. In some cases, you may need some time to wash their hair to wash thoroughly completely.
  • Celebrity haircut which is ideal for lipstick: Alex Петтифер, mark Ronson, Bradley Cooper.


Varnish is used as the final стайлингового product. He can make hair more voluminous and add Shine. Many hair sprays have UV-filters, perfect for those who spends a lot of time on the street. If spraying it on wet hair, you can stack them as you like.

Lacquer is also good for the completion of the finished hairstyles and for a firm hold hair. Avoid varnishes with a strong odor, which may block the scent of Cologne.

лучшие укладочные средства для мужчин George Clooney

  • How to use: just spray on hair, if necessary, drain Hairdryer. When using lacquer to be away from open flames or lit tobacco products.
  • Main advantages: easy to use, hands are clean.
  • The main disadvantages: many lucky to possess a strong smells, and if you spray it too much hair will dry and unnatural.
  • Celebrity hairstyles that are ideal for applying varnish: George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Javier Bardem.

What tool for laying right for you

You must use the vehicle that best suits the needs of your hair. Remember that these products should not contain any alcohol, also try to look for funds with UV-protection and moisturizing properties to maintain healthy hair.

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