3 elegant styling for thick hair – creative effortlessly

изящные укладки для густых волосOwners of quite thick hair, sometimes it is easier to make a traditional, simple hairstyle instead of inventing something unusual. However, if you are preparing for the school-leaving party, choose a hairstyle for a party or just want a new way to put your hair, try using a bold and creative ideas to get graceful styling for thick hair.

Braided site

To create an on-the head of such a braided node, you need ponytail and studs, which coordinates suited to your hair.

  • Divide your hair into five parts, and braiding them in spit three spit back, two in front. Secure each spit gum.
  • From the back, take the first scythe and screw it into the flat on the head node, in the course of securing her hairpins.
  • Wrap the following braid around the first of the spit, making sure that the gum is not visible. Secure it with screws.
  • Repeat third step from the third slash.
  • Finally, take two front spit and wrap them around almost ready node, hiding gum and securing each braid pins. Finally, mount the hairstyle hair spray.

Asymmetrical beam

Beam, made from the side, can be smooth and flawless, and can be deliberately casual, all depends on your desire. In any case, you will need to comb with long thin pen, brush for начесов, scrunchy and studs.

  • Using a comb with long handle separate part of the hair on the top.
  • Holding the hair with one hand, take a comb for начесов and gently начешите the part of the hair that you have separated.
  • Release начесанные hair and brush gently combine this part of the hair with the rest of the hair, smoothing not the amount that you just created. Now assemble hair in low tail side.
  • Start spinning hair away from you.
  • Tighten hair beam, подоткните ends down.
  • Take studs and start to kill a bunch.
  • Depending on how neat site you want to get, закалывайте it until you get the desired result.

High bouffant

Perform this hairstyle is easy – just take a brush with a long handle, comb for начесов, studs and hairspray.

  • Using a comb with long handle separate the two parts of the hair: the front part and the crown. Remove the front part of the hair, pushing it forward or securing a rubber band.
  • Then slightly начешите hair on the crown.
  • Screw this part of the hair in small site, securing pins.
  • You may have to think a little, where you do this node, depending on where you want to make fleece.
  • Now take the front part of the hair and using a comb to начесов strongly начешите her.
  • When the fleece on the front of the hair will be ready, put this part of the hair on the site using a comb with long handle, smooth all выбившиеся hairs and connect all of the hair.
  • Now, making sure your site is closed, gather начесанные hair and raise them up to the desired height.
  • Secure bouffant by pins. Hair back you can leave her, to gather them in a tail, or make a few small tails.

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