10 secrets for laying curly hair: the intricate history

sleek hair spend precious hours on Perm forceps, when you have such a beauty given by nature. But if you are born with much curly hair, you will experience many difficulties, because under certain conditions they пушатся, so there are difficulties hair curly by nature.

There are a few secrets laying curly hair:

  • Leave your hair naturally curly. If you live in a hot and humid, you can spend a lot of time on hair straightening irons, but once you get outside, curls begin again the scroll and jammed. What to do? Just leave your hair the way nature made them. Many women refuse утюжков and leave their hair curly. If you follow this advice, your hair will be much healthier because you will not пересушивать their Hairdryer and irons, save time, and can stand out from the crowd of women with straight hair.
  • If you want to have straight hair, you can do it. One of the advantages of curly hair that you quite a bit of effort and chemicals, and they will become straight. Nicole Kidman on the red carpet in recent years appears only with straight hair, while her natural hair is strong twine. Someone likes it straight, the other with curly strands. But you can choose for yourself what you like.
  • Among the ways of professional hair straighteners available Brazilian keratin straightening, which allows you to make your hair more straight and pliable styling irons. There is also the Japanese straightening, which makes the hair. You need to find the method that suits your hair type and your budget.
  • Buy high quality ceramic flat iron. If you want to straighten hair, buy a good ceramic flat iron, which does not burn them and straightens much faster and better.
  • You are not condemned to a life in the struggle with fluffy and curly hair. Usually curly hair often пушатся. This comes from the fact that this type of hair is prone to dryness. Fix it easily, just use the funds for wetting the hair, which do not allow the cuticle to deviate from the follicular post, keep the hair smooth and shiny. This is the main secret of taming curly strands of hair – moisturizing, hydrating and again hydration. You need a minimum set of cosmetic products, which includes sulfate-free shampoo, leave-in conditioner and mask the deep impact with the content of silicone.

Mask to moisturize at least once a week

  • If the hair is prone to dryness and пушению, refuse styling tools with alcohol content and use a moisturizing mask for the hair at least once a week. Can also use natural oils (oil амлы, seeds маргозы, olive, jojoba). Apply a few drops on the palms, spread and go through his hair, massaging the scalp. In the evening before bedtime can apply the oil to comb and comb the hair along its entire length, in the morning wash oil residues.
  • There are right and wrong ways to use the hair dryer. Hairdryer can become a real nightmare for curly hair, if you use it wrongly. To avoid пушения hair, try to keep Hairdryer as far as possible from them. Aim the Hairdryer to the hair from the bottom, holding their palm top, gently squeezing. If you use a Hairdryer without a diffuser, direct the outlet along the hair from the roots.
  • Do not dispose of a comb. What curls impossible to comb is nothing more than a myth. However, many women do not enjoy combs, preferring to disassemble hair with her fingers. But scratching necessary because it allows to distribute the natural shell oil along the entire length of hair, combing you массируете scalp, making the hair soft, pliable and shiny. Do not refuse from scratching before bedtime. For more a qualitative combing purchase a brush with natural bristles. This will help reduce dryness and confusion of hair.
  • How to properly apply makeup on the hair. Many women begin to apply hair from the roots, and then complain about the fact that hair hang «icicles». You should start in the rear area where hair is thicker, moving to the sides and rising to the top. It is better to distribute tool will help you with a wide toothed comb, but you can do it with fingers.
  • Ribbon and Hoop is a good solution when there is no time to pack. Tape and wrap hair become a real salvation for the owners of the curls, if there is no time for a long-laying. Wear Hoop on damp hair, turning their back, it will help tame the curls and make the look more flat.
  • Good grooming is required. There are many recommendations that relate to technology haircuts for curly hair. For example, that you should avoid ragged ends and that long hair better short. And it is not true that you need a specialist in кудрявым hair.

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